Ketubah Designs

Ketubah design for a Jewish couple, Rachel & Danny, getting married in Hudson Valley, NY. The ketubah incorporates a watercolor I painted, entitled "Sailor," to evoke feelings of the ocean, travel and adventure – all of which embody the couple's spirit. The circular ketubah text is from's DIY collection.

This custom ketubah uses DIY text in circular format from

Other Ketubot
Ketubah featuring my original watercolor painting, "Sun Kissed." This Ketubah was used by a couple getting married at a resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The warm colors, organic shapes and bright tones reflected the physical environment of the wedding, as well as the warmth between the couple.
This custom ketubah also uses DIY text in circular format from

Ketubah featuring my original watercolor painting, "Winter Glow."
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